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Careers Service

Careers Service - your Career Window!



The Careers Service of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów was founded in January 1999. Its activity concentrates on helping students and graduate shift from learning to job-searching and in establishing contacts with employers, as well as popularising information concerning the functioning of the labour market. The UITM Careers Service was listed in the Employment Agency Register as a recruitment agency for the whole of Poland and as a human resources consulting agency, under No. 141.
Within the scope of the Agency’s activity, the Careers Service offers help in work employment and HR consultancy. Thanks to that, the Office provides help for those who are interested in planning their future careers and finding a job. Our basic methods for providing such services are trainings, gatherings and distribution of job offers, conducting preliminary employment recruitment and organizing the Podkarpackie Job Fairs.

The Careers Service main duties:

  • organising mobility under Erasmus Programme - Students Mobility for Placements,

  • gathering data about the local and national labour market,
  • gathering information about workplaces in companies active in the region, in whole Poland and abroad,
  • organising meetings of employers and students, and presentations of companies,
  • conducting workshops connected with the labour market,
  • preparing students for interviews,
  • keeping a database of job-seekers as a recruitment agency,
  • organising vocational training in Poland and abroad,
  • grant projects coordination,
  • organising consultative meetings to help students get to know themselves and their vocational predispositions better,
  • information on the perspectives of professional development and on the opportunities for raising qualifications,
  • organising periodically the Podkarpackie Job Fair,
  • running Career Counselling Services for applicants for studies, students and graduates,
  • conducting training for secondary schools on career and professional development planning.



If you would like to find out everything you need to know about Careers Service and its work, please see website for further details at (in English)

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