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EXTENDED  for period:  2007 - 2013



How can I become an Erasmus student?


One of the condition is that you must be registered at a higher education institution which holds a valid Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and be enrolled in higher education studies leading to a recognised degree up to and including the level of doctorate. In addition, you must have completed at least the first year of your studies at your home institution while placements may be authorised from the first year.



May student/teacher exchange be made without bilateral agreements?

If there is no bilateral agreement between the universities, student/teacher exchange can not be made within the Erasmus Programme even if the universities have valid Erasmus University Charter.



How long I can stay at partner university under Erasmus student mobility?

In the framework of the Erasmus student can spend between three months and a full academic year abroad or at least a full academic trimester/term. Student  can stay abroad no longer than within a particular academic year.

At the UITM  Erasmus students can spend one semester under Erasmus Programme. It is not possible to extend the student's stay for the second semester.



Where can I apply to participate in the Erasmus student exchange?

Each student interested in Erasmus exchange programme should apply for the Erasmus scholarship at her/his home university. International Relations Affairs/Department usually deals with the Erasmus mobility organisation.



Are there any language requirements?


Erasmus students should have at least an intermediate command of English to be able to follow lectures and pass exams. No certificate of English Language Profitiency is required.



Will I have to pay any tuition fees at UITM during my Erasmus stay?


No enrollment fees are charged to UITM Erasmus students.



What about the exams and grades?


The examination procedure may involve written and/or oral examinations in English. Unless there are good reasons to do otherwise, the language of the examination will be Polish. Erasmus student will not have to pass a new exam at his/her university of origin to receive academic recognition for it. That depends on the Learning Agreement signed before the departure.

In the year 2000, UITM successfully implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) not olny to guarantee academic recognition of studies done be foreign Erasmus students, but also to enhance students' exchange programs with foreign institutions.


I took part in Erasmus exchange semester in 2007/2008 (undergraduate degree). May I apply  now for Erasmus mobility at graduate degree?

A students can be an Erasmus student once in her/his life. Thus she/he can only participate once in one of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate program.





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