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  1. The European job market is nowadays multicultural and multilingual; above all, it is an international one. Features such as self-assurance and independence are the keys to a successful career. Showing that you have lived, studied and perhaps worked in another environment, gives you a chance to compete more effectively in the job market and lets you be distinguished form the rest of other highly qualified graduates.
  2. As less than five percent of the student population participates in ERASMUS - you will stand out and employers will notice you! Employability increases after a period spent abroad learning and living in a new context. Many former Erasmus students and especially "long-period" Erasmus students tend to find jobs and tasks linked to the use of the international experience acquired or consolidated during their period abroad, and they usually demonstrate more flexibility and understanding of the complexity of the job environment.
  3. Furthermore, statistics indicate that about one third of the students receive a job offer abroad and half of those who accept are employed in the country where they carried out their Erasmus placement.
  4. We all know that we live in a mobile world where people travel in increasing numbers. Mobility affects all aspects of our life: work, pleasure, food, environment and society. Well over one and a half million students have so far benefited from the ERASMUS programme and the European Commission plans to reach a total of three million by the year 2012. ERASMUS prepares you for mobile world!
  5. The ERASMUS programme offers you the chance to study your subjects in different contexts, with different teachers and different classmates. You'll be surprised by the differences in approach and the insights that students from other countries can bring. It's both challenging and highly rewarding.
  6. The ERASMUS experience will enhance your personal development, your job opportunities, your confidence, and your enjoyment of life. Erasmus students are not tourists – you will live and participate in the day-to-day life of the country you choose. Living and studying in a new country is a challenge – you will find yourself facing new and unexpected situations. Overcoming these obstacles and learning to manage your life within another culture brings maturity, confidence and self-reliance - great life skills.
  7. Not only will you acquire a broader range of skills to offer a future employer, but you will have fun doing it. Erasmus students say it is the best part of their time at university!


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